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September 19th, 2014

10 Days of Fashion in the City - Get Involved

From 27 Feb - 8 March 2015, Heart of the City will be delivering the central city's signature fashion retail event - 10 Days of Fashion in the City.

Fashion in the City is a significant and proven central city event that celebrates and promotes the current season's fashion to Aucklanders and visitors. The city's fashion retailers and businesses provide the content for the campaign, with 10 days of events and in-store retail offers to encourage shoppers to come into the central city.

10 Days of Fashion in the City is now well established and results over the past 3 years show that the combination of compelling retail offers, a schedule of events to draw people into the central city and a robust marketing and PR campaign works well to attract shoppers.

Taking part in 10 Days of Fashion in the City is free. To learn more about what is required in order to participate, click here

If you would like to register your business for 10 Days of Fashion in the City, click here.

Deadline to confirm your participation in this event is 12 December 2014

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