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February 11th, 2015

Our Waterfront’s future

Councillors need to be cautious with the future of our Waterfront

Opening up our waterfront, and attracting a growing cruise industry should not automatically give right to Port expansion. The Central Wharves strategy is well considered, and it will further enhance the city centre’s role as a tourist destination and bring significant economic gains.

What we’re concerned about is that further reclamation of Bledisloe Wharf is presented as a forgone conclusion if the option of reallocating Captain Cook Wharf for the cruise industry is taken forward. 

Reclamation could be just one of a number of options that needs to be further tested and explored. This needs to be undertaken in the context of the wider long term Stage Two study which Councillors are expecting, that would consider economic, environmental and social impacts, and before any decisions are taken. This short term view risks incremental reclamations, and will impact future generations.  Is this what Aucklander’s want?

This is going to generate significant debate amongst Aucklanders, and we urge Councillors to take a cautionary approach. The recent NZIER study concludes that reclamation is required if POAL is to be permitted "unconstrained growth” to meet all potential demand. No consideration of environmental or social effects resulting from the "unconstrained growth’ is provided in this Study.

We acknowledge the critical role that the Port plays, but we are concerned about the impact that any Port expansion has on the city centre. We are concerned that the conclusions of the Port study, and the assumptions around reclamation made within the Central Wharves preferred option is an automatic green light to allow further reclamation in our harbour. 

Maintaining a non-complying status makes the best sense as there needs to be a stronger test before reclamation is to be carried out. This will ensure other factors such as the wider environmental and social effects can be taken into consideration before any reclamation is permitted. 

Tania Loveridge, Centre Manager
Heart of the City

09 379 8000

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