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December 9th, 2013

Queen Street Fashion Show

Heart of the City is delivering a new event as part of next year’s 10 days of Fashion in the City. This event will take place on Queen Street on Saturday 8 March - a key shopping day and a key day during the Fashion in the City event. The event is being held to celebrate the central city’s status as a fashion destination and encourage patronage of the city’s retail stores.

The event is a catwalk show with 40 models showcasing 80 outfits selected from central city retailers. The outfits will be styled by Kylie Cooke (best known for NZ’s X-Factor and NZ’s Next Top Model). Kylie will be approaching central city retailers in the coming weeks. The garments that will be showcased will be available and in-store in early March, 2014.

A high profile MC will also be engaged to entertain the crowd and announce the show and a high profile DJ will provide music and atmosphere.

The catwalk will be raised and installed in a zigzag formation across Queen Street, between Wyndham and Shortland Streets. The catwalk will be set up for sound and music and a big screen will be positioned at the end of the catwalk. Security will be employed to ensure safety of models and the audience.

We are proposing to close Queen Street for the day of the event and as part of our event planning and Council permit requirements we have completed a letter drop to all businesses in the area advising of the proposed partial road closure. If you wish to see a copy of the letter please click here.

The proposed times of closure and event details are as follows:

Public Event date: 08/03/14 - Queen Street (between Wyndham and Shortland Streets)

No parking: from 6am-6pm
Road closed: to all traffic from 9am-6pm

Event: will run from 12pm-3pm

Catwalk event: 1pm – 1.30pm

If you have any queries contact Rebecca Lawson (021 5777 97) or Murray Bevan (021 746 976) from Showroom 22 Ltd or the Auckland Council Event Facilitator – Renee Menehira on 09 354 2064.

For any further inquiries contact Jane or Erin at Heart of the City – 379 8000

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