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September 26th, 2013

Retailers: Get involved in Fashion in the City

Fashion in the City is a unique central city event that celebrates and promotes the current season’s fashion to Aucklanders and visitors through an event and a marketing campaign involving the CBD’s fashion retailers and businesses. The collaboration provides 10 days of events, activities, retail offers in-store and promotions to encourage shoppers to come into the central city to shop and enjoy a schedule of fashion events.

We are now inviting you to participate again (or for the first time) in our 10 day fashion campaign with a retail offer and an option of also hosting an event to add to the official schedule for 2014. During this timeframe you can tailor your offer for the entire 10 days, a weekend or both weekends.

To confirm your involvement we need you to fill in the registration form via the below link by Friday the 13th of December 2013. Please note if you are the contact for several stores we ask that you fill in a registration form for each store.

This year’s event from 29 February – 10 March, 2013 proved to be an excellent way to encourage people into the central city to indulge in some shopping. Research (conducted by Marketview and based on BNZ card spend) confirmed great results for participating retailers with the group experiencing a 33% increase in spending versus the same time in 2012 and an increase in market share for the total city of 2.4%.

We will again be planning a significant program of marketing, promotion and PR of the event to drive awareness and to encourage spending heading into the autumn fashion season. This will likely include print, digital and outdoor advertising, a VIVA and George FM partnership, a prize incentive for shoppers, a dedicated section of the Heart of the City website, regular emails to our 20k + database and a social media campaign to 65k + Facebook and 8K Twitter followers, along with an event guide book to promote all participating businesses and their offers and the event schedule.

For more information about the event you can download the information pack here.

Any questions please contact Sahar Lone on 09 379 8000 or email

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