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August 21st, 2014

Update on City Centre Transformational Projects

O’Connell Street and Federal Street are now complete offering a transformed experience of the city centre, and Khartoum Place is set to join them soon.  They join the existing network of shared spaces in Lorne, Fort, Darby and Elliott Streets, that have been part of the wider City Centre transformation programme largely funded by the City Centre Targeted Rate, that started back in 2004.

Local businesses are now starting to utilise the spaces with outdoor dining, bringing new vibrancy and activation into these streets.

In O’Connell Street, we like the way in which the street’s heritage has been told through a series of stone seats, with inscriptions describing the role of the street over the years.

Lighting highlighting the streets heritage buildings are also a feature and now create a wonderful night time experience.



 Federal Street Upgrade

What else is currently underway in the City Centre?

With O’Connell Street, Federal St now finished, and Khartoum Place near completion focus turns to the other 40 projects being planned for the city centre. Council has set up a team that will ensure these are all coordinated to be more efficient and to achieve greater impacts for businesses and people and we will be working closely with this team around this.

Quay Street is one the more significant projects that looks to transform the street into a world-renowned boulevard that is prioritised as a place for people to meet, greet and enjoy. It will connect the city centre with the diverse activities and spaces along the waterfront. An expression of interest process is currently underway to get the lead designers on board for the project. Public consultation on the project is expected later this year. 


To find out more about these projects visit this link.

In future communications we will give a more detailed description of what is currently being undertaken, as well as future projects on the horizon. We will also look to outline how HOTC businesses will be able to get involved in the planning for these projects.

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