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A connection running from the city centre to Māngere in South Auckland, including an Auckland Airport stop, has been one of Auckland’s strategic transport priorities for a number of years. 

An Auckland Light Rail Establishment Unit has been founded by the Government to engage with stakeholders and develop a business case - this includes consideration of the mode (above ground light rail or below ground light metro) and route (Queen Street is one option). 

Our key priority is to ensure that city centre business interests are reflected in the project from the outset and that the impact of construction is assessed and well-managed. We will continue to seek answers to questions we’ve raised in the past, including the need for transparency and supporting businesses through the significant challenges of the construction period. 

Public Engagement events  

  • University of Auckland (outside the General Library) 
    Date: Thursday, 22 July  
    Time: 11am - 2pm
  • City Centre Market (Freyberg Place) 
    Date: Saturday, 21 August 
    Time: 8.30am - 12.30pm 

See full details of the Auckland-wide engagement sessions here. 

We are also organising a session specifically for city centre businesses - you can register your interest here.

Project timeline 

A diagram showing next steps for Auckland Light Rail - this is also shown in bullets below the image.

  • July and August 2021: Public engagement period – via community focused ‘Listening’ sessions, events and feedback sought via multiple channels 
  • September 2021 
    • Business case – including community feedback & insights 
    • Auckland Light Rail team provides recommendation to Government 
  • End 2021: Minister announces decision on next steps 
  • 2022 onwards: Detailed Business Case, consenting and construction. Estimated 2 years consenting; 6-8 years construction
    • Detailed Business Case (DBC) and design commences 
    • Community feedback sought to help shape and inform the detailed design and consenting phase 
    • Planning and consenting underway 
    • Construction starts 
    • Construction completed 

Visit the Auckland Light Rail project website here.  

An artist's impression of a light rail modern tram shown in a suburban Auckland street, with a cyclist and car also sharing the road space. Image: Auckland Light Rail