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April 13th, 2015

#EfairnessNZ – to give businesses a fair go

Farmers return to Queen Street has been the big talking point for the city centre. It’s our view that this represents a confidence in the city centre retail market, evidenced by increasing year on year spending and very low vacancy rates. We expect to continue to see significant positive changes to the city’s retail landscape over the next few years, particularly with Precinct Properties downtown development. Whilst this is good news, New Zealand retailers still remain seriously impacted by the current legislation that sets a high $400 threshold for imposing GST and duty on imported goods. We’re supporting the Retail NZ and Booksellers #EfairnessNZ campaign, that is lobbying to government to set a low value threshold of $25, and require Foreign retailers to register and pay GST in New Zealand. Get involved in the campaign here.

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