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September 26th, 2013

Name change for "BIG little City"

 We will now run all our consumer marketing and events activity under our organisation name, "Heart of the City”. The background to this is that we have been working away since January this year with ATEED (Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development) on a joined up approach to domestic destination marketing for Auckland. It’s very exciting, and a huge leap forward for both organisations.

 In the coming months we will launch a new joint creative platform. ATEED will run their activity for the whole Auckland Region, to a national audience and we will run our activity for the central city to Aucklanders (& Taupo North drive market), which is where more than 80% of our spend comes from. We’re very excited about the new direction, and believe the potential for it to be leveraged by tourism and hospitality businesses is like nothing we’ve had before. There will be one story for Auckland, told consistently by both organisations, underpinned by our respective brands.

So you will start to see our new brand lock up on all consumer activity, a logo that leverages the equity we’ve built in the BIG little City brand, but more clearly articulates the place (the heart of the city) that we’re driving people to visit.

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