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Hardship Fund announcement welcome but delivery must be fair and fast

Press release
Thursday 19 Dec 2019

Heart of the City is pleased that finally an announcement has been made about a Hardship Fund to support people seriously impacted by CRL construction but will be watching to ensure the support is fair and fast.

“We are disappointed this has taken so long and as the Christmas break begins, there is uncertainty for people about what financial support they might be able to receive, but at last the wheels are in motion,” says Viv Beck, Chief Executive, Heart of the City.

“It has been a long road to get to this point and we have seen the toll this has taken on people. The delivery from here will be important and we will be looking to ensure it is fair and efficient so people don’t have to wait months to get the support they desperately need.”

“While the government has focused first and foremost on minimizing risk, businesses must not be the casualty of large-scale, long-term projects in this way again. We have not seen the genuine care for people suffering hardship that we would have expected and there is now a chance for the sponsors of this project and City Rail Link Limited to demonstrate human decency.”