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What's your view on Auckland Governance?

News story
Thursday 24 Apr 2008
Auckland Governance - Poll Winner
Thanks to all who completed the quick poll. We'll be visiting this topic again later in the year.
The results showed the great majority of people wanted more say locally and a reduction in the number of councils. The vote was evenly split between 3 councils and 1 council.
Making a comparison between the way we elect the PM and the way we elect the mayor currently may have clouded the issue a bit, but that vote was a 50/50 split.
A point that Heart of the City has made in its submission is that if local community representation and involvement in local decision-making greatly improved, then one council to co-ordinate city wide roads, water, power, large parks, events, and economic development and the like becomes more viable.
The winner of the prize was Pamela Elliot of Compendium. Pamela, have a great night out on us.