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Auckland Bike Challenge for workplaces

News story
Thursday 24 Jan 2019

Lime scooters and shared electric vehicles may be having a moment, but nothing beats a good old bicycle as an easy, affordable and eco friendly way to get around - especially when it comes to traveling to and from work. 

More people cycling to work means a fitter, healthier workforce, improved environment and a likely reduction in the number of private vehicles being used during the busy peak.  If all those benefits aren't incentive enough though, Auckland Transport are encouraging people to come to work on their bikes with their annual Auckland Bike Challenge which kicks off on 1 February 2019.

What does it involve?

All you need to do is sign up your workplace team and commit to cycling at least 10 minutes a day during the month of February.

There are lots of great prizes to be won along the way, including brand new e-bikes as well as movie tickets, restaurant vouchers, bike gear and more. 

You can also track how you're faring against other teams so it's a great opportunity for a bit of friendly workplace competition.

How it works

You and your workplace team earn points for every km you ride, every day you ride, and for every person you encourage to sign-up (they don't have to be in your team - they just have to log a ride in the Auckland Bike Challenge). 

So what are you waiting for?

Rally the troops in your workplace and sign up to be part of the 2019 Auckland Bike Challenge now!

Register for the February 2019 challenge